Have you ever watched an Interior Design show on Television? They make creating designs look easy, don’t they? It is remarkably easy if you know where to get information and resources. We are going to explore the world of design together. I would love to make this site a resource for not only Do-It-Yourselfers but also professionals in the fields of Interior Design and Interior Decorating.

My name is Colleen M. Campbell and I graduated with a BA in Interior Design in 2011. I love the art and design world, but I stepped away after graduation to raise my son. He was a very unexpected treat and decided that I needed to devote all my resources to making sure that other people didn’t raise him. My husband is a Veteran for the Afghanistan and Iraq War, and in 2011 he started having severe seizures and PTSD complications, my family needed me home instead of working full time. I continued to draw and create designs but my focus was keeping my family grounded.

Here I am six years later and I am starting this blog to help stop confusion over designing a space and to create a resource for everyone to go to for interior design advise. I would also like to create a very interactive site that allows you, the professional and the novice to post. If there are bloggers out there please feel free to write to me, maybe we can work out an agreement where you could blog with me.

Thank you for visiting my website and I am looking forward to getting to know my fellow designers and décor enthusiasts.