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Different Color Schemes For Decorating Your Home

Often times homeowners feel overwhelmed about choosing a color scheme for a room. The thing about choosing a scheme is that once you do choose one color you have to decide on other potential colors to incorporate into the room as well. So, how do you choose the right scheme? The best way to do this is by consulting the color wheel.

What is the Color Wheel?

Sir Isaac Newton was the first person to start using the color wheel after performing an experiment with a prism. He discovered that pure white light had a wide spectrum of colors that would reflect. Ever since then, people have been using this spectrum known as the color wheel for decorating and classifying colors.

The Classification of Colors Using the Color Wheel

The colors on the wheel are classified into three different categories.

1. Primary which are made up of red, yellow, and blue.

2. Secondary which are orange, green, and violet. These colors are formed from mixing the primary colors.

3. Tertiary colors which include red-orange, yellow-orange, blue-green, and yellow-green. These colors are formed by combining primary with the secondary next to it.

Monochromatic Scheme Explained

A monochromatic color scheme is exactly as it sounds. It involves picking one color and only using that one for the entire room. The key to a monochromatic color scheme is to pick varying shades from light to dark of that color. You can also include white in the design as well to break up the look.

Analogous Scheme Explained

An analogous scheme incorporates anywhere from two-six different colors in the room. These should all be next to each other on the wheel. For example, if you choose red you can choose orange or purple as the accent colors for the room since they are next to red on the wheel. It’s a wise decision to start with your main choice and then pick between your accent colors.

Complimentary Color Scheme Explained

A complimentary scheme is one of the most popular decorating schemes that people use. You start off with a main color such as yellow and then you go directly across on the wheel to find your complimentary color. For yellow the complimentary color would be in the purple family. Another example would be green and pink. You can play with this a little bit and mix the family of colors such as the green and pink or it could be green and red.

Triad Scheme Explained

The triad color scheme is another very popular design for homeowners. It takes three colors that form a triangle together on the wheel. A triad could include the scheme of orange, green, and purple. You can choose to make one of these colors your primary and the other accents or use two of them as the primary colors and then accent with the third.

When choosing any color scheme for your home remember that white and black are neutrals and can be added to any colors and not change the scheme too much. Play around with the wheel and the different type of color schemes to come up with some great choices for your rooms.

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